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THH000 - THE MISSING SHADOWS: Wrecked Emotions E.P. 7"

Format: 7inch (6 songs, 33 rpm)
Availability: SOLD OUT!!! (will not be repressed)
Release-date: December 2008
Versions: 300 copies made, black wax, co-release with 2 other labels (Hits Missing Records, Drugcontrol)
Price: 4,- Euro
Sounds: see Bandcamp-link below

The band: If you want namedropping you’ve got it: IDLE HANDS, ANATOL, COLT SEAVERS or ŠIMAK are just a few of the many bands that the members of THE MISSING SHADOWS played or currently play in. Being part of the very agile scene around Osnabrück-Ibbenbüren-Münster in northwestern Germany, THE MISSING SHADOWS are a well known name for all lovers of DIY-Punkrock/Hardcore.
In times of mp3 and digital-shit these cool fuckers released their first 6-Song-Tape (!!!) on My Ruin Records in 2006, followed by their highly appreciated LP “Western Waste” in 2007 (a CoRelease of P.Trash, Matula Records und Drugcontrol).
THE MISSING SHADOWS mix up wild and nervous oldschool-punkrock with fine melodies and ­singalongs, somewhere between ANGRY SAMOANS, WIPERS, HÜSKER DÜ and younger bands like AGGRAVATION, TOYOTAS or the aforementioned IDLE HANDS. Or as the band says themselves: “Our Rock will fuck you!”

The record: If you went nuts for the fantastic IDLE HANDS single in fall 2008 (the 500 copies sold out in something like five minutes) you better make sure to check out this baby:
THE MISSING SHADOWS are Andi’s (IDLE HANDS bandleader) original band and they finally put out six great new songs on their brandnew EP as an amazing follower to their LP from 2007. No fillers, just killers! Tunes like “Burnout” or “Wrecked Emotions” will bite your ear better than Mike Tyson did!
Hailing from the same scene as bands like PRESS GANG, DEAN DIRG, GRIZZLY ADAMS BAND or DUESENJAEGER, this one is another stepstone for the new wave of German underground ­Punkrock and Hardcore-bands!

THE MISSING SHADOWS split up some time after this release. Andi moved to Berlin and continued with the BLANK PAGES and played guitar in DEAN DIRG.


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