Montag, 22. Oktober 2012


Format: 7inch (4 songs, 33 rpm)
Availability: Only some copies of the picture-disc are still available. The rest is SOLD OUT!!!
Release-date: April 2011 (split-release with P.Trash Records)
  • 600 copies on black wax, regular b/w cardboard-cover
  • 100 copies on black wax, version for the P.Trash Club members with special "Bavarian Fräuleins" cover
  • 125 copies picture disc
Price: 7,- Euro picture disc
Sounds: see Bandcamp-link below

If you like both kinds of music, Power and Pop, and if you need your Punkrock sticky like a popsicle, it's time to finally leave the house and go see this double feature of two of the most talked about bands last year. All the way from Canada, THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND and the SONIC AVENUES will keep your ears glued to the PA like a two-component adhesive. And to make sure this will be a night to remember, here's an appropraite souvenir to take home and make love to: A Double-A side split EP with a brand-new original and a superb coverversion by each band. ADAMYK and his band with the super catchy ''Bored of love'', that could work as the perfect opener for a new LP, and ''Eternal Isolation'' by our pals IDLE HANDS, perfectly adapted to their needs with LIZZY dual guitars and vocals. The SONIC AVENUES present themselves even poppier than on their LP with the sugarcoated ''Fading love'' and the wavy and heartbeating SWEET BABY cover of ''Two tons of dynamite''. This very limited platter comes in the German soft-porn design of the 70s and is perfect to join in any escapade, not only with the Bavarian Fräuleins. Don't miss out on this one! 


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