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Format: 7inch (4 songs, 33 rpm)
Availability: AVAILABLE!!!
Release-date: April 2011
Versions: 500 copies, black wax, cover with special gold-print
Price: 4,- Euro
Sounds: see Bandcamp-link below, plus videos by the GOLDEN HELMETS

About the bands: Both bands are well-known in the German Punkrock-scene, especially in their hometowns Cologne and "Rockcity No. 1" Solingen. JIZZLOBBERS and GOLDEN HELMETS are true "brothers in crime", not only because they both released their full-length debut-albums on the same label and at the same time in 2010. Now they finally team up on this split-EP!
GOLDEN HELMETS tell you smart things: "In a club at night circumstances change. Everything’s different." – A good old wisdom. Five yobs, driven by their very own "Mission from God", can’t help but keeping this wisdom alive. Early they’ve got hooked up with ­garagepunk by playing in bands like DIRTSHAKES, CAVE 4, CURLEE WURLEE, BATTLEDYKES and THE SHELLS. No matter which country, city or venue – this mission is law and the method is easy, loud and simple: Farfisa-driven 60ies punk and garage-rock combined with a little Northern Soul! And there’s just one rule a wild show by The Golden Helmets is based on: "They don’t eat no honey, they’re chewing whole bees." So, if you ever get the chance to see them live: Don’t miss it! They are ripping party animals!!!
The JIZZLOBBERS play energy-driven melodical oldschool-punkrock built on sweat and loads of thirst. The band was born in 2000 sporting current staff members since October 2006. Maybe one or the other has heard about them from great former bands like BACKWOOD CREATURES or HAVANA RAGDOLLS - though propably not. JIZZLOBBERS got the pretty charms of bands like the LAZY COWGIRLS – in their music and some say in their looks, too! Well, musical-wise just add some oldschool-stuff like Mr. Thunder’s HEARTBREAKERS and cool cats like DEVIL DOGS, HUMPERS, BRIEFS, MODERN ACTION and SHARP OBJECTS and you’ll get the picture: Just great ’n catchy Punkrock!

The record: The full-length albums of both bands (High Noon Records, 2010) are truly great but they are CD-only. What a shame! This kinda music is meant to be pressed on vinyl, so it was about time to waste energy and ressources on this project!
GOLDEN HELMETS deliver their masterpiece with their new songs "Run" and "Attractive Depression"! Masterpiece cuz there was always ONE thing to complain about the band: they couldn’t catch their unbelievable live-energy on their studio-recordings. So, there were two choices – to record a liveset or to destroy a studio and polish the new tracks with shitloads of ­studio-ruin-dirt and Farfisa-crazed-madness! The band made the second choice and the result is ab-za-lootely over the top!
JIZZLOBBERS do nothing less than to answer one of the last unsolved mysteries of Punkrock: Who killed Johnny Thunders? The Germans did!!! To be accurate: DIE TOTEN HOSEN (or "The Dead Trousers" in perfect German English)! Those fuckers payed the last cheque for Johnny’s golden shot! And they continued with crimes against Punkrock e.g. by stealing the complete "On A Rope" riff from ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT for one of their shitty songs. Disgusting! But that’s another story... Thank god that there are still bands like the JIZZLOBBERS who still pay respect to the heritage of Mr. Thunders. Listen to the great songs of the JIZZLOBBERS: melody, energy, passion and some great singing. Those guys know how to write AND play amazing Punkrock-tunes! That said, maybe the world will pardon us poor Germans for our sins someday. Call us sweethearts!



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