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THH001 - ZYGOTEENS: Sleeping With The Stereo On 7"

Format: 7inch (4 songs, 45 rpm)
Availability: AVAILABLE!
Release-date: July 2010
Versions: 400 pieces regular edition (black wax, both-sided full-colour-sleeve, nice cartoon artwork), 100 pieces limited edition (black wax, silkscreen cover: silver on black cardboard, different cover-artwork)
Price: 4,- Euro (regular version), 7,- Euro (limited edition)
Sounds: see Bandcamp-link below

The band: The ZYGOTEENS are a punk/pop trio from Milwaukee WI. The band was formed through a love of junk food and caffeine, and the desire to play catchy-punk music. They played their first show on December 31, 2008 and have been playing as much as possible ever since. Jake plays guitar and sings, Milam plays bass, and Adam plays drums. Some of the various bands that they've been involved with in the past include THE GUT REACTIONS and PLEXI 3. The band has a serious love and affection for early 90's cable television and drink lots of soda. Some of their key influences include: THE REAL KIDS, THE MODERN LOVERS, THE GIZMOS, and THE DICTATORS. Their debut release was a split with THE HUSSY on Big Action Records which came out in January of 2010.
The record: The songs of the ZYGOTEENS are usually kind of fast, pretty loud, and only usually in-tune and ­on-beat. Under the layers of fuzz, snapped guitar strings and busted drum sticks are well crafted pop-songs that are surprisingly sincere and delivered in an immense outpouring of passion and energy. The songs represented on the “Sleeping With The Stereo On” EP are very autobiographical and cover all bases as to what the band is interested in: girls, sleeping, and watching TV. These songs have the right hooks to provide the soundtrack for your late-night summer dance parties AND the right lyrics if you can't make it to the party because you didn't wanna go outside so you just decide to fall asleep while watching TV ... OR if you're at the party and you see that girl you have a crush on in the arms of some other jerk. So whatever you're doing on Saturday night, these songs have got ya covered!


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