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Format: 7inch (2 songs, 45 rpm)
Availability: Only some copies of the "Release party/THH Records" edition are still available. The rest is SOLD OUT!!!
Release-date: September 2010 (split-release with P.Trash Records)

  • 492 copies black wax, cartoonartwork-sleeve 
  • Ltd. 100 copies “Release party/THH Records edition” (black wax, in green,black & purple silkscreen sleeve) 
  • Ltd. 100 copies “P.Trash Club edition” (black wax, in pink, black & blue silkscreen sleeve)

Price: 7,- Euro (ltd. THH Records edition)
Sounds: see Bandcamp-link below

Two of the best US/Canadian Punkrock-exports cross the pond in September 2010! Their superb longplayers made highscores on almost every Punkrock-playlist worldwide and for their Euro-tour they did the only right thing to do: they team up on one EP to cover each other! The retarded party-dudes of the MEAN JEANS took "I Remember How" from the WHITE WIRES and made a ultra-sharp smasher out of it! In return the WHITE WIRES (feat. Ian, Going Gaga Records, SEDATIVES) do a classy version of the MEAN JEANS tune "Born On A Saturday Night",100% poppy SUPERCHARGER-style. Packed in a beautiful cartoon-artwork this is the PARTYRECORD for fall 2010! Listen and believe it! And go see the MEAN JEANS and WHITE WIRES live on stage!


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